Stolen Sight (AIR Series 3) and Stonecoat (AIR Series Novella 0.5) Now Available

Hi everyone! Today is release day for Stolen Sight, AIR Series Book 3.  You can access links to the entire series by clicking here. I’m super excited about this new release.  Cassie hits a few rough patches throughout book three. (That’s no surprise!) I hope you all enjoy the book!

Reviews are super important in the indie publishing world. I’d love it if you left a review for any of the AIR series books on the site where you made the purchase. It’s really appreciated by authors and readers alike! If you’ve already reviewed, thank you! You are awesome!

Stonecoat, AIR Series Novella book 0.5, has also been released this week. In the acknowledgments, you’ll find a little information on how the book came about. I spoke with a strong supporter of the series, Andrea, about what type of extra content readers might like. Originally, I had asked about a short story. Her enthusiasm is why I turned a short story into a novella.  Since this book wouldn’t have been written if not for her, I have put the book up for free for a limited time.  You will find access to Stonecoat from the link above or by clicking the picture below. Enjoy the book and share the link with your friends!  Thank you, Andrea!


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